My Thrilling Hike In Active Volcano Of Guatemala

My Thrilling Hike In Active Volcano Of Guatemala

Why I delved in extensive research before my hike to the most active volcano, the
Pacaya volcano in Guatemala, Central America? The reason was significant. The 8000 ft
plus hike, with major chunk of hike comprising the spiky formations of cooled lava.
Because eruptions are very frequent and sudden in Pacaya volcano. The tip of volcano
bubbles with molten lava all the time.

To grasp the real hiking situation I went through different hikers’ reviews on Pacaya
volcano. Some hikers termed Pacaya hike as strenuous whereas others tagged it as
moderate hike. I analysed all available info and opted for afternoon tour of seven
hours from Antigua. Secured my feet in good hiking shoes as hiking trail runs deep
in solid rocky formations. That is the adventurous part of Pacaya hike. I took along
enough water to keep me hydrated and snacks as energy booster I may need during
hike or after hike. And one waterproof jacket as my protection from windy or rainy
weather I may encounter during hike. Though I do not use stick for moderate ascends
but I took one stick for slippery descend on ash and gravel.

I tied up with  local Spanish speaking guide who conversed in English as well. Enjoyed panorama immensely on the way up. But as I ascended clouds enveloped the landscape blocking the Pacaya landscape. I hoped that clouds will part soon. And it happened so, really. Incredible vistas emerged. Then the glorious appearance of Pacaya volcano. Superb views from top. Quickly I captured all in my camera before weather turned nasty again as my guide had cautioned so.
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After top view I hiked amid solid lava rocks, volcanic ash, and sulphur gas to endure, all
was thrill. Lastly the customary roasting of marshmallows by hikers in Pacaya volcano.
A great fun to roast and relish.It was such a happy coincidence that weather remained
favorable till I was hiking deep in volcano. Enjoyed to the fullest. And the moment
started descending back to it began to pour heavily. Quickly I put on my rain jacket. Bad weather did not bother me then as I had already fulfilled my desire of being up close and Pacaya volcano. One thing I noticed that greenery was in abundance in surrounding areas of active volcano. Such a strange phenomenon of nature.

18 Responses to My Thrilling Hike In Active Volcano Of Guatemala

  1. Dan says:

    Looks like an amazing trip! I heard some really scary stories about people climbing Pacaya in the 1990’s when I was there. One group got caught in an eruption and was abandoned by their guides! Luckily they made it out OK though! Good stories!

  2. joan maniago says:

    I like how the way you write, makes me feel like I also hiked this amazing place. keep it up!

  3. Hiking up an active volacno…surely a lifetime experience ..good that you were prepared with were prepared with your stuff… this was on my list but this made me crave even more now….

  4. Radif Rahman says:

    I always love to read your blog. It’s my dream to visit an active volcano. I hope you have enjoyed a lot.

  5. Ashfina says:

    That’s a thrilling experience;!! And roasting marshmallows sounds all the more fun

  6. Ilana says:

    It looks like a real travel dream and adventure! I love hiking but never did it on an active volcano!

  7. Edel San says:

    Whoa! You really are into extreme adventures. Just thinking about going near a volcano scares me. But on the other hand, you get to see things that we don’t. Having roasted marshmallows on the volcano area seem pretty cool.

  8. Aiai says:

    OMG the view is stunning.. i always want to hike in a Volacano..during my travel to Mayon Volcano in Legaspi Albay, i really wanted to try but it takes days and i only have few days vacation!

  9. Abdellah says:

    Nice poste no volacano her in my country so i dont see any volacano in my life , i hope visit a volacano in a day

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