My Antarctica Odyssey

My Antarctica Odyssey

I became immortal in coldest, wildest, driest and most remote continent on earth, the mighty Antarctica.

Antarctica was my seventh continent. I had accomplished my sole goal of life
travel to all 7 continents.Β I was exuberant that I had visited all continents on earth.

Exploration in Antarctica is not just geographical, I experienced inner exploration as well. Antarctica was an experience of love and lyrics for me. My heart was filled with emotions. I felt like writing poems.

Continent Antarctica is as close to purity as one can imagine on our planet earth.

Let me take you to my Antarctica odyssey. In brief. Laced in emotions. And pictorial.

In Antarctica, only expedition ships with capacity between 50 to 200 passengers are permitted to sail.Β I was euphoric when I boarded my expedition ship, in the southernmost city of the of world, Ushuaia, in Argentina. Then surviving the hostile drake passage, the violent stretch of ocean between South America and Antarctica.
And the blessed day. My first zodiac landing in Antarctica continent. I set my eyes on penguins. Countless penguins everywhere. I hiked to all set points for penguin viewing. Spent lot of time observing their movements. Lovingly watched them strutting through snow.
Many cruise landings on different islands over several days. Gazed at the sculpted beauty of magnificent icebergs.
And the glory of midnight sun. I tell you sun never sets for six months of summer in continent Antarctica.
Not to forget the volcanic Antarctica. Ash layered glaciers. Intertwined patterns. Again a charisma of nature I witnessed in mighty Antarctica.
Saw good looking seals lazing around. At one point I was so close, extended my hand saying, ‘hey handsome’ and he responded with grand smile.

White continent Antarctica. Snow white panorama and snow white bird. Absolute stunner. Merging in Antarctica landscape, she was Snow Petrel. The most beautiful bird of continent Antarctica, I saw during my expedition

Have a glimpse of my daring polar plunge.

And the lively Christmas mood on board.
If you want to know about human life in Antarctica, you will be disappointed. That way Antarctica is like an alien planet. Here in the name of humans we have just two categories. First category belongs to researchers in scientific stations of different countries. Second category belongs to travelers on expedition. Occupants of research stations live within their facilities in Antarctica. And travelers stay in their ship as there is no hotel or any other facility to stay anywhere in Antarctica. Though they can visit a research base as I did.
Continent Antarctica is regulated by Antarctic Treaty, in force since year 1959.Β Antarctica is the only continent on earth where all nations work in harmony under Antarctica treaty.

Few glimpses of my Antarctica odyssey in this short video. Enjoy.

You can also read extensive stories on my Antarctica odyssey in 30-part series.

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  1. Ahh…this make me feel jealous but a great achievement for you because not all can have a great trip to antarctica

  2. Raine says:

    Now I want to travel to all seven continents too! This is so nice!

  3. shirley says:

    nice photos…. ‘i became immortal in coldest, wildest…’ really like your words πŸ™‚ :). congrats

  4. Kanchan says:

    Such amazing moments you had there, many many congrats for the fulfilment of your dream…

  5. This Taraf says:

    First of all, a big congratulations on this achievement. We are sure you are amongst a very few who have been able to do this. Amazing pictures, will go through your series too πŸ™‚

  6. mirela16 says:

    Such incredible experience! Congratulations! A very nice post πŸ™‚

  7. Julz says:

    Oh wow, wow, wow! This is absolutely amazing!!! I am lost for words (and let me tell you, it doesnt happen often! πŸ˜€ ) i love everything about your post and your pictures… that would be for me a true ‘bucket list’.

  8. my teacher in third grade told me her goal in life was to travel to all seven continents and I have always wanted to do so as well. I have so far been to 4 – n. america, s. america, asia and europe! I would love to do this trip someday. these photos are incredible!

  9. Archana says:

    Wow! Just when I thought a could never see all the continents in the world. Now, it’s back on my list! I live all your photos. Makes me wanna go! πŸ™‚

  10. I can only make a wish. I am glad you made, it shall remain as my aim in my life to go Antarctica.

  11. INDU says:

    Thank you all friends for your comments.
    I feel humbled with the thought that I could inspire others.

  12. Andrea says:

    Awesome. I do love penguins – saw loads in the Falklands πŸ™‚

  13. aditi says:

    I am sure this would have been a lifetime experience for you.. its such a great achievement.. amazing post and pics..keep it up

  14. Priyanka says:

    Awesome pics. I love this post.

  15. Tadeja Umek says:

    This looks super cool. And how cool is the fact that you’ve actually been to all 7 continents?! Awesome!


  16. Sreekar says:

    Now thats a bucket list worthy thing. Isn’t it? Gorgeous snow capped glaciers, rare wildlife, clear skies. Couldnt ask for more really!

  17. Lena says:

    I guess Antarctica will also be my last continent. But first I have to visit the easier to reach continents.
    I really admire the people who go to Antarctica.

  18. Vrushali says:

    Such an incredible article! That’s my dream destination! Loved it!

  19. Aditya Arya says:

    I admire you. You just got yourself a regular follower. Antartica summarized in the simplest way and beautifully. I am so intrigued to read the complete series. Even more than that I want to board a ship to Antartica.

  20. neha says:

    wow..what a trip you had. It’s my dream to travel to all 7 continents. And I am just at 2 right now πŸ˜› But you are really inspiring me..

  21. Polly Grice says:

    Oh my word what an amazing adventure! This is something you’ll be talking about for years I’m sure… What an incredible landscape, thanks for sharing!

  22. Lev Leetian says:

    Oh wow, that looks ethereal! I dream of going there one day πŸ™‚ Thank you for sharing your experience!

  23. Madison says:

    What a crazy experience! I don’t really have a desire to go there, but looking at your pictures Im having a change of heart!

  24. So jealous of you, it must have been an amazing trip. Maybe one day we will be able to go

  25. Theresa says:

    How fantastic! To visit all 7 continents and get to explore Antarctica. And you went for a swim? I won’t even go in the ocean on a hot day!

  26. Such an amazing experience! I would definitely love to visit – I love the cold! This looks so extreme but so much fun. The penguins and glaciers are beautiful, great pictures!

  27. TH says:

    Traveling to Antarctica is #1 in my bucket list – can’t wait to go there some day!

  28. lexie says:

    Such a motivational post, Antartica has been in my impossible to travel list since I’m not a fan of winter and snow well it’s really beautiful to look at but not to be on it. I’m hoping to overcome my not so winter fan and launch a travel in Antartica why not! thank you for this wonderful post you did surely moved me.

  29. Medha says:

    Absolutely breathtaking pictures, I cannot wait to get to Antarctica myself! I’m planning to go in 2019. I have other friends who also went last year and their stories were so inspiring it got me planning and now I’m looking at your post and it seems even more encouraging and inspiring. What a lovely experience it would’ve been!

  30. Claire says:

    What an amazing trip!!! I never ever thought of visiting Antarctica but it looks amazing and like a real adventure!

  31. Bee says:

    well done on the achievement of having officially visited all continents on planer earth! Antarctica does looks amazing and worth saving up. cool pics and video,

  32. INDU says:

    Thank you all traveler friends for taking time and commenting on my blog.

  33. Nice post. such an adventure. I’m still debating whether I’d want to go to Antarctica or not (I hate the cold). Though it would definitely be an adventure like no other.

  34. Mario says:

    Interesting experience! I don’t think I want to travel to places having that cold climate (my gf convinced me recently to travel to Iceland on one of our future trips. But Antartica? Ddifferent story.) Looking at your pictures you sure had fun though

  35. Claudia says:

    Looks like an amazing voyage! I dream about going to Antarctica

  36. amit says:

    It’s a,amazing that you’ve got to travel to all 7 continents must be such a proud accomplishment πŸ˜€ – I would love to do expedition to Antarctica at some point in my travels, your pictures are enticing me even more to go πŸ˜€

  37. Joanna says:

    I have been to Patagonia in December but I didn’t go down to Ushuaia because I would have ended up bankrupt, on a ship to Antarctica. This is one of my biggest travel dreams, to see Antarctica and its penguins. I have actually met a girl on the island of Chiloe who was coming from a cruise and told me some fascinating stories (including about the violent pass that you have to cross).

  38. WhodoIdo says:

    I would love to visit Antarctica – a trip to remember! Seeing the penguins, seals and the midnight sun. This is on my bucket list!

  39. This is such a bucket list trip! I have started looking into a trip like this. Thank you for sharing! Your pictures are incredible as well.

  40. Wow – I totally love your adventure! It must have been amazing to be there and see it with your own eyes. But if you accomplished your biggest goal what’s next?

  41. Aditi says:

    Wooohooo.. All 7 continents!! That’s quite an achievement. Congratulations!! I love the pictures – the penguins, blanket of ice and everything else. Cheers!!

  42. Petya Miteva says:

    You are so brave , girl! Amazing goal to visit all continents and Artatica looks so cold but so cool!
    After the picture of the sun never going down for 6 months I am totally in love with this place!

  43. WOW! Seven continents. That’s great, written well with some great shots which take us to Antarctica, on a journey along with. Watching Penguins and other wildlife must have been a great experience. Thanks or sharing.

  44. YOU Indu, are an incredible woman! These photos are magnificent and I do wish to visit 7 continents like you have. Not many get to venture all the way to Antarctica! Go you!

  45. Heraa Farooq says:

    Wow!! I never thought I would actually get to see someone actually making it to Antarctica. I so plan to visit all around the globe some day. You are an inspiration. Really appreciate what you do. Keep it going :).

  46. Your pictures are awesome ! Antarctica wasn’t on the top of my list of places I’d like to see but after reading your post I definitely will visit soon ! Thanks for sharing !

  47. Rahat Arora says:

    firstly congratulations on your achievement for traveling all the 7 continent. Good luck for many more coming experience.

  48. Bri says:

    My ultimate travel goal is to visit all seven continents – that’s amazing that you’ve achieved that! I’m jealous πŸ˜‰ You are an incredible woman!

  49. Alisha says:

    I’m so jealous of your experience! I’m also excited to see another person have the same goal as myself: visit every continent.

  50. Simon Rogers says:

    WOW! This looks like such a unique and incredible experience! it looks mega cold but that’s the appeal for me πŸ™‚ thanks for sharing this post.

  51. Lexi Mary says:

    I’ve been dreaming of going to this part of the globe, I’m a summer person but I would really love to experience this kind of heavy snow and see those penguins running like muffins around. I did love your story looking forward for more. thanks for sharing.

  52. Amazing pictures! And great writing <3

  53. Leanne says:

    Wow Antarctica! I’m very envious!

  54. Taryn says:

    Wow! These pics are amazing. I can’t wait to go to Antarctica. It looks super cool, no pun intended.

  55. Wow…..this is a great achievements and I must confess it is really great .
    I also saw beautiful pictures which is a sign that yes, you enjoyed the adventure. It is really great having the privilege to read about a great accomplished work.

  56. Khan Bhai says:

    Wow great pic really I think it was a adventures journey

  57. I’m actually a fan of your adventures, I’ve been rooting for you travels, I’m so jealous at the same time proud of you that you have crossed the globe and explore so much places that I would love to visit as well. If you have an extra baggage you can fill me inside so I can travel with you. cheers!

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