Las Vegas Of Asia

Las Vegas Of Asia

Flashback. Out of my many travel dreams, one crazy dream that kept luring me, was to travel to Las Vegas in USA. Worked out on my finances but not sufficient to realize the Las Vegas dream. Felt little sad. But soon found a midway solution, why not travel to Macau, the Las Vegas of Asia? And I was thrilled.

Like Las Vegas, Macau is famous as a gambling destination with a spread of luxury all around, enough to make everyone indulgent.

Macau is a small peninsula across the Pearl River Delta from Hong Kong. Macau is a special region of China, enjoys  own currency and independent customs & immigration policy.

I immediately settled on a travel agency to make complete arrangements for Macau which included stay in luxury casino hotel and sightseeing.  Within few days I happened to be in the gambling capital of Asia, Macau. Hard to describe the beauty and glamour of Macau, just unbelievable, never before saw a captivating city like that. While being in Macau I found  there was more to relish in the city other than gambling.

Days and nights in Macau are two different worlds altogether. Days offer scenic walks in city’s historic center which is also a World Heritage Site.  Nights offer livelier and shinier Macau, with thriving night life and vibrant casinos.

Exploring historic center of Macau

Exploring historic center of Macau

I enjoyed both worlds of Macau. During daytime  walked historic centre, explored ancient sites  and gulped lots of local juicy fruits. Gazed at myriad of luxury shopping stores. And embraced the world of fantasy at night.

From one casino to other, experienced the madness inside casinos. There were high gambles, games, dances, magic shows, and drinks to pamper. I did feel the temptation  of big prize money on offer, but I remained in my senses. Just watched gambling stakes without indulging. Whole atmosphere was so engrossing that I was absolutely not interested in leaving the casino. My hotel too was a casino hotel but I was on a spree of making rounds to different prominent casinos.

At 3am I finally decided to go to my hotel which was not very far away. Came out and thought of some more fun at night, so instead of hiring taxi, took walking route to my hotel. But that walking adventure turned out to be a nightmare. I never ever imagined even remotely that I may had to deal with bad men(male prostitutes)sternly. My presence of mind rescued me from the clutches of bad men. To be frank, that experience, not a bit, lessened my great feel of being in Macau.

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  1. That’s really unfortunate. It sounds like your evening there really ruined your trip.

  2. Sounds like a good trip except for that walk back. We went to Vegas over the Summer with the kids. It was too hot for me! I’m not much of a gambler so we just went to see the lights. It sounds like Macau was a good destination substitute. But believe me, you wouldn’t want to walk through Vegas at night by yourself in some part either!

  3. I had heard that Macau was called the Las Vegas of Asia. Sounds like an interesting experience. I think I would like to visit but it is not a destination on top of my list

  4. It’s unfortunate that others cannot contain themselves and feel that they’re entitled to act however they please. I’m so sorry that happened to you. But it sounds like your trip was overall a success! I hope you’ll get to visit Las Vegas in the future! I’ve been many times and it’s a lot of fun. I don’t gamble but I enjoy the atmosphere and people-watching, the shopping & the touristy shows and attractions. My husband enjoys to gamble just a little, so we do spend some time in the casinos in the evening. It’s a great experience!

  5. Cia Black says:

    I have been to niether sadly, but I’ve been told many stories of Vegas to last me a lifetime, so I’m glad that you compare Macau to Vegas it really helped make it come alive for me.

  6. Nati says:

    I never imagined MAcau was a bit like Vegas! I had no idea. It sounds like a nice destination. About that bad experience at night, it sounds frightening, but I grew up in a large city in South America and even there we are cautious not to walk home at night. Nightlife can be fun but it has also its dark sides and one can never be too precautious.

  7. Amy says:

    Wow, sounds like it was going to be great until that! Sorry that happened! So glad you stayed safe.

  8. Nicole Flint says:

    Wow the walk back! Crazy! But it seems like you didn’t let that bother you and you enjoyed the rest of your trip!

  9. Sorry that your stay wasn’t quite how you planned it. It’s great that you didn’t let that stop you from having a great time.

  10. Anna says:

    I haven’t been to Macau yet. Thanks for adding to my intrigue. I hope i am able to trave lthere next year sometime 🙂

  11. Wow…it looks like a good trip . Me also planning go to Vegas on next year with my wife.

  12. Ana Vukosavljevic says:

    Sounds like so much fun! Too bad you had to come across those mans on your walk to the hotel, but hey everything is a lesson!

  13. Ashwin says:

    You got the lesson at the end and that’s what actually matters. Your experiences teach us so many things for future. You’re a strong woman and such people can’t stop you from exploring the world.

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