Fusion of Fun & Learning

Fusion of Fun & Learning

As I recall my travel to San Salvador, the capital of El Salvador,
I see this as my travel with a difference. Why so?
Because I did no usual sightseeing. I had pure fun there.
Just lazing around pool in the woods. Lost in my sweet thoughts.
Smiling. Grinning. Laughing.
But this was not all I did, of course. I delved in serious learning,
too. So I call my visit to San Salvador as a fusion of fun and
learning. I spent lot of time in historic town, visiting National
Palace, Metropolitan Cathedral, National Theater and few other
spiritual places there.

The Metropolitan Cathedral is the principal church and the seat of the
Archbishop of San Salvador. Salvadorian people revere it as the symbol
of their hopes.

National Palace of San Salvador is the declared National
historic Landmark of the city. This building has been used for significant
governent offices of the republic, that includes President’s office.
Other than its historic significance, National Palace with its imposing
facade and intricate interiors, is a classic example of architecture.

This post is my pictorial contribution to the historic town of San Salvador.
San Salvador has spiritual aura in it. And I was deeply touched by
spiritual insights I received in this charismatic city, San Salvador.

18 Responses to Fusion of Fun & Learning

  1. Radif Rahman says:

    Again an interesting post to read. The historical palace is looking like Tajhat Palace, Rangpur. Thanks for sharing the post.

  2. mirela16 says:

    As usual, your post is very informative 🙂 Nice pics !

  3. Indeed it is my pleasure to read your article. You are one of the persons inspire me to go places and write.

  4. Abhimanyu Singh says:

    Nice Travel Blog

  5. Taryn says:

    The spiritual connection is coming through in your post, and the places you visited seem so charming and elegant.

  6. Travelquartz says:

    San Salvador is on my to visit list. The concept of relaxing vacation is a must sometimes. After I guess your earlier trip on African Safari this was actually required. The pictures are beautiful Cheers

  7. Amy says:

    What a wonderful post! X

  8. JEN says:

    Traveling should be like this – learning about cultures, experiencing the place and the people and not about the usual sight-seeing and taking photos of instagrammable places. Thank youfor sharing

  9. I love reading your blog, this post and your trip to San Salvador holds some of the essentials of traveling to a new place. Taking time out to relax and enjoy the place as well as catching up on some history of the place you are visiting is a great combination! Like you, I also look for some spiritual connection when I travel, some evident and some you have to search for. Amazing pictures Indu!

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