Enormous Masai Mara

Enormous Masai Mara

I had a dream to travel to an African kingdom. And visit its ruling king and queen. When my treasured dream got realized, I was elated. And being up close king & queen was an exciting experience.

You might be curious to know about this fascinating kingdom of exotic Africa. Let me reveal all. I am not talking about any human kingdom. I am talking about the kingdom of animals, Masai Mara. And its reigning king and queen, roaring lion and ferocious lioness.

Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya, Africa, is one of the spectacular wildlife reserves in world to have enthralling game viewing. Wildlife is so abundant in Masai Mara that there is almost a sure shot possibility of spotting big five and big cats. More so when visitors stay in Masai Mara wildlife reserve with the option for three days safari. And I did the same. I traveled from Nairobi to Masai Mara reserve in Safari van in scenic five hours drive.

Sunrise to sunset, for me it was the three days of pure adventure in game viewing. I cannot describe the magnificence of Masai Mara in words, only my photographs can.

In Masai Mara there were different choices of accommodations to choose from, luxury lodges to exotic forest camps. I stayed in forest camp with rustic feel. Delicious food. Even for vegetarians like me there was enough choice. Whole day in game drive with packed lunch, snacks, fruits, juices, I relished my all meals. Three days spent in game drive. And evenings full of fun over bonfire and the rounds of endless tales.

Masai Mara reserve is a restricted area. Specific wildlife laws have to be followed andΒ  violations attract penalty and heavy fines.

One more fact I like to mention that in all accommodations in Masai Mara reserve there was no electricity provision. All lighting and other appliances operated through generators.

While being in Masai Mara wild reserve, I made a visit to tribal Masai village to get a glimpse of their lifestyle. They adorned me with chief’s crown. I was overwhelmed with their gesture of honor. I visited whole village, met their families. Had joyous moments with them. Sang with them, danced with them.

As famous warriors, Masai is the predominant nomadic tribe of Kenya, Africa. Even in modern times they proudly carry their old customs.
They still live in mud houses plastered with animal dung. In fact whole area they inhabit is covered in smelly dung. Then making fire in traditional way. And dark rooms with just a hole filtering natural light inside. I was so surprised seeing them cook dinner inside without proper light. I would sum up saying that whole living pattern of Masai was unique to witness.

Few glimpses of me reveling with Masai tribe and fierce animals of Masai Mara, Kenya, in this short video. Enjoy.

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  1. Cool post, I plan to go to Africa next year… can’t wait πŸ™‚ .

  2. Radif Rahman says:

    Wow, Masai Mara is an excellent place to visit. The animals and people are looking amazing. Can’t wait to go there.

  3. Anuja says:

    Very cool experience in Masai Mara! The mud houses and the animals seem to make it a very unique and authentic experience. Thanks for sharing!

  4. This Taraf says:

    This looks amazing! I have derived African inspiration for quite a few design projects, Masaai being my favourite, although I wasn’t aware of the dung part..wish to meet them in real. And as you said African wildlife is truely beyond words. Congratulations for this trip πŸ™‚

  5. Dan says:

    Looks.like an amazing adventure. You are a lucky guy. Such noble people!

  6. Vrushali says:

    This has been my husband’s dream destination for the longest time. I an so sharing this article with him. He will love it!

  7. I grew up watching Nat Geo πŸ™‚ Would love to go to Masai Mara and spot the Big Five someday. Loved your pictures. Very nice post.

  8. Sab says:

    Your words and photos made me want to go to Africa. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Fairuz says:

    It must have been quite an experience! I’d love to go there. Great pics too!

  10. Gabby says:

    amazing pictures! I am going on my first safari in November (though not in Kenya) and hope to have the good luck you did. amazing pictures of the tribe as well

  11. Danielle says:

    Wow this is so incredible!!! The village is definitely something I’d love to check out, just to see how they live there!

  12. Medha says:

    Indu I am bookmarking this post for next year.. I plan to visit. It is just that I am unable to decide between Masai Mara and Serengeti National Park. Any opinions?

  13. Simply stunning! I’m so jealous I have always wanted to meet Masai tribe! I have been on safari in South Africa but would love to travel more of the continent.

  14. Great pics. I really love lions even if I’ve never seen them directly

  15. Mihir says:

    I have had the opportunity to explore a lot of places across India, but never had a chance to visit Masai mara yet. Your post is making me put Africa trip on my high priority list. Thanks for Sharing!

  16. Helene says:

    So cool! The only time I’ve been on safari was in Malaysia, and I don’t remember much, unfortunately! I have a friend from Kenya and she’s always raving about Masai Mara! I would love to go sometime, would be a great adventure:) Thanks for sharing your lovely photos!

  17. One of my couchsurfing friend introduced me to Masai Mara, by sharing her experience, your pictures speak thousand words how wonderful the whole experience would be. Wish to go there and have the same experience myself

  18. Awesome photos! I loved seeing the Maasai tribe in Tanzania. Their culture and style has been used in high fashion and marketed without their consent and I never realized it until I visited. After coming back to the states and reading a few vogue magazines I was shocked to see clothing named after them. Wish they would get their credit for influence.

  19. Living in Africa I can understand that words are difficult to describe the sheer beauty of the Mara, but you photographs more than do it justice.

  20. that beautiful experience, I have seen Africa from the tv and known of the Masai by some texts that I read in the University, it is something that I would like to live, would be very good if you sent us report to our mail of some of your trips … greetings

  21. Tracey says:

    Stopping back by–I love reading your posts. These pictures are incredible!

  22. Jennifer says:

    What an amazing adventure! This is definitely on my bucket list!

  23. What an amazing experience! Africa is such an undiscovered land and I’m always encouraging other travelers to experience it – so glad you did! Come on over to my home country next – South Africa!

    • INDU says:

      I have visited South Africa and loved everything about your great country. Whenever will plan in future I will connect to you. Thanks Yesh.

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