Heritage Of Mayan Civilization

Heritage Of Mayan Civilization

A quaint small town, with magnetic charm and green surroundings. While walking in its picturesque lanes I did not feel like an outsider there, in fact felt a sense of belonging.  This is Copan, a picturesque town and the heritage site of Mayan ruins in Hondruas, North America.

The Maya site of Copan in Hondruas, is the prestigious UNESCO World Heritage Site.  Also, the Maya site of Copan is one of the most significant sites of Mayan civilization discovered in year 1570.

As per the description of UNESCO, “The Maya leader Yax Kuk Mo, coming from the area of Tikal, arrived in the Copan Valley in 427 AD, and started a dynasty of 16 rulers that transformed Copan into one of the greatest Maya cities during the classic Maya period. The great period of Copan, paralleling that of other major Mayan cities, occurred during the classical period 300-900 AD. Major cultural developments took place with significant achievements in mathematics, astronomy and hieroglyphic writing. The archaeological remains and imposing public squares reveal the three main stages of development, during which evolved the temples, plazas, altar complexes and ball courts that can be seen today, before the city was abandoned in the early 10th century. The Mayan city of Copan as it exists today is composed of a main complex of ruins with several secondary complexes encircling it. The main complex consists of the Acropolis among the five plazas.”

I had the opportunity to visit magnificent Copan ruins of Mayan civilization in Hondruas while I traveled to North America recently. Here is my pictorial depiction of Copan ruins.

c1Well preserved ruins of the Maya site of Copan are explorers’ delight. If you are
traveling to North America, particularly Guatemala, and have interest in history
then you should plan a trip to Mayan ruins in Copan, Hondruas. There are multiple
options to visit Copan from Guatemala City.

27 Responses to Heritage Of Mayan Civilization

  1. Guest says:

    I visited Mexico and learned so much about Mayan culture
    It’s truly incredible

  2. Courtney Blacher says:

    I’ve never been there before. It seems like a beautiful and relaxing place to visit. I would also love to learn about Mayan culture.

  3. DeDe says:

    I love your photos. I thought this was immensely interesting. I love history and culture.

  4. Rebecca says:

    I love foreign travel and these photos are so great. It’s incredible to realize how old these city ruins are.

  5. Mayan culture is something I have always wanted to learn in more detail, great shots

  6. Joanna says:

    I will be visiting Central America in less than a month and I will be exploring the Mayan Ruins from Mexico, Guatemala and El Salvador. I am very looking forward to it after seeing your photos from Copan. Incredible what the Mayans were able to build!

  7. This looks like such a neat place to visit. I really love all you pictures of the Copan ruins of Mayan civilization!

  8. Belinda says:

    The Mayans are fascinating! Thanks for sharing your photos!

  9. Josselyn Radillo says:

    I’m so glad you liked my beautiful country in Central America.!! I love everything you wrote about Copan and so happy you felt at home

  10. Shubhada Bhide says:

    Mayan is such a Historical and interesting place to visit. The surroundings are very beautiful, would love to visit and learn their culture there.

  11. Jack bransson says:

    This is amazing place, the cloud and the threes makes such a pretty scenery. I would love to visit this place oneday!

  12. Helene says:

    Wow this sounds like a lovely place to visit
    I should discover this place soon😊

  13. I will be visiting Central America in less than 2 weeks. I would love to visit here. I am glad you shared this with us.

  14. Marie says:

    I’m a big history geek and I’m so envious that you got to see the Copan ruins! I would love to visit there!

  15. Tiffany Yong says:

    I don’t think I can truly appreciate the civilisation until I’ve seen them for myself. But it’s great you’ve shown me a glimpse of our heritage for us to learn more about it!

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